2018 Applications Process Checklist

2018 PERFORMER LOTTERY APPLICATION LINK   Need the basics on how to apply for Rogue Festival? Here’s the checklist: First, Rogue Festival is a fringe festival with all of the quirks and requirements that entails. To begin with, make sure the following apply: Your show is either 45 minutes maximum or 60 minutes maximum. YourContinue Reading


Combining Fresno-based and out-of-town performers for a Rogue Festival-sponsored weekend of fringe theater. GET TICKETS NOW! Returning for its fourth year, “Seattle to Fresno: Best of Fringe” offers an off-the-beaten-path alternative to theater entertainment in Fresno. Running September 8 – September 10 at Mia Studio and Gallery (behind The Revue), “Seattle to Fresno” offers six uniqueContinue Reading

Director Change at the Rogue Festival

After a 2 years term, Barbara Coy-Hogan has stepped down as Festival Director for Rogue Festival.  The Rogue Performance Fresno board voted in Heather Parish as the new Festival Director.  Barbara is very excited to have Heather as her successor.  A brief interview was scheduled and Heather answered some of Barbara’s questions about the transition.Continue Reading