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Calling all artists in the Central Valley

The Muse Contest for the 15th Rogue Festival is now open in Fresno, California!

Rogue has extended the deadline for the contest to Saturday, October 31, 2015.

Each year a Muse is selected to be the “face of the festival”. Artists are encouraged to participate in the Muse Contest and consider how Rogue Festival can be conveyed visually through movement, color, composition, symbolism, and other elements of design.

All visual artists are encouraged to enter any two-dimensional representation of a Muse and include their signature in the artwork. Any medium of art may be used, but final submissions are required to be submitted in 2D, digital format as noted below. Artists may submit a maximum of 3 entries for this contest.

Select your best work that best answers the question, “How does Rogue Festival inspire or get inspiration?”
The Production Team is looking for a Muse that embodies what Rogue Festival is all about: creativity, energy, individuality, and so much more!

Submissions containing nudity, violence, or blatantly offensive behavior will not be considered.

Winner will be determined by any number of factors including but not limited to the following:

  • Ability to be reproduced on a black t-shirt
  • Visual appeal
  • Layout
  • Printability
  • Representation of Rogue Festival
  • Interpretation of “Muse” as related to Rogue Festival.

Also be aware that for the shirt printing process, colors may be adjusted for the best print quality.

Requirements for submissions, artist will provide the following for each entry:

  • Vertical Format: 11″ wide x 17″ tall
  • jpeg file, 600 dpi (size, dots per inch), CMYK format
  • Title of Art, if applicable
  • Artist’s Full Name to be displayed with art
  • email address, for communication from Rogue Producers only
  • Phone number to reach you in the evening with best times to call

Submissions are due October 31, 2015.  Email submissions with all requirements listed above to: muse@roguefestival.com

Each email should have only one submission. Please email large files separately, with the same subject line: 2016 Muse contest [artist name], [art title]

Artist and Rogue Festival will hold concurrent copyright privileges. The winning Muse will be printed on all of the Rogue Festival 2016 publications including but not limited to:

  • Website
  • Posters
  • Social media
  • Flyers
  • Clothing
  • Merchandise
  • Mass media
  • Marketing

The winning artist will be compensated with:

  • Public reveal of the Muse in January/February 2016 at a location to be determined. Artist is to be present for this event. There will be a photo opportunity with Festival Photographer and other press.
  • Rogue Festival will print a quantity of 20 posters, size 11 inches by 17 inches for the artist to sign and number. These 20 limited edition posters will be sold for profit for the artist. Artist may determine cost. Winner may have Festival Director arrange for posters may be sold in The Rogue Store on behalf of Artist.
  • Artist’s original Muse will be put on display during Rogue at to be determined location. At the discretion of Artist, the original may be sold with one hundred percent (100%) of sold price going directly to Artist. Rogue Festival/Venue/Studio will not take a commission on the one original Muse art work.
  • One (1) free short-sleeve t-shirt in artist’s requested size.
  • Bio and photo of Winning Artist will be printed inside the 2016 Rogue Festival program book.
  • Bragging rights of being the Rogue Festival 2016 Muse Artist!

Winning Artist will need to work with Rogue Production Team and graphic designer to arrange Muse in marketing formats.

ALL ENTRIES for the Muse Contest will:

  • Be printed in large format (11 x 17) with Artist’s name, title of artwork and be on display during the festival at Rogue location TBD.
  • As space allows, be printed with art and name in Rogue Festival program book.

Other notes:

  • Artist may submit a maximum of 3 Muses to the contest.
  • All requirements must be met for entry to be considered for judging.
  • All ages of artists are encouraged to enter submissions.
  • Questions? Please email them to Festival Director, Barbara Coy-Hogan at barb@roguefestival.com
  • Any questions regarding technology requirements, please submit to muse@roguefestival.com