Our all-volunteer staff works year-round to prepare for the Festival. This year’s staff includes:

Executive Director: Heather Parish
Venue Producer: Amber Strid
Volunteer Coordinators: Kathie Mollica & Rene Huerta
Accounting: Tracy Olsen & Tiffany Griggs
IT Manager: Beckie Tetrault
Tech Manager: Vince Warner
Media Relations: Jaguar Bennett

To contact staff, e-mail producer@roguefestival.com

The Rogue Performance Fresno Board Members are:
President: Jennifer Davis
Vice President: John Jordan
Secretary: Tracy Olsen
Treasurer: Tiffany Griggs
Jayne Day
Victor DesRoches
Heather Parish (ex-officio)

To contact the Rogue Festival Board, e-mail president@roguefestival.com