Fresno Soap Co. - Kids on Stage!

Fresno Soap Co. has set aside one day where Fresno’s young artists from The Talented Tenth, McLane Theater Group and YES! have a chance to put on their own 60-minute shows from beginning to end. Join us! $10 each show. Visit for more information about each show.

Gemma Wilcox - The Wallaby Way

"From the creator of Rogue Fest hit shows: ‘THE HONEYMOON PERIOD IS OFFICIALLY OVER (2009 & 2014), ‘SHADOWS IN BLOOM’ (2006 & 2015), ‘52 PICK UP’(2011), and ‘MAGICAL MYSTERY DETOUR’ (2013) ""There's a Wallaby in my Heart. How this came to be is a Great Mystery…"" A raw and wild labyrinthine exploration of untangling lineage,Continue Reading

Figment - Figmentally

Where does one figment end and another begin? Imagination melts, morphs, sprouts limbs, light bulbs, and illusions—until a reality check threatens to topple it all. A theatrical comedy brought to life with magic, larger than life puppetry, acrobatic dance, and you. For Tickets and Showtimes

Anna Sell - Sh*t Show: A Story of Invisible Illness

"Sh*t Show: A Story of Invisible Illness" is a new one woman show exploring the realities of invisible in an increasingly visible world. Using a combination of clown, original music, and character driven storytelling, this play reimagines the experience of one woman's life changing diagnosis and her ensuing struggle to adapt to massive life styleContinue Reading

Wynazz & Machete - Entertain Me!

Windy Wynazz (Rich & Famous) is back... and this time she brought company. Join Wynazz & Machete for an interactive Birthday Party Extravaganza complete with Puppets, Magic, & Revelry. Adults only! For Tickets and Showtimes

Blimprov Productions - Blimprov LIVE!

"Blimprov LIVE!" is Blimprov Comedy's signature show brining 60 minutes of hilarious, thought provoking, gut wrenching, high flying improv comedy. Starring Magnus Chhan, Nick Haas, Jarod Caitlin, Sydney Mason, Byron Watkins and Marcos Hammer - all Fresno Natives. FIRST, we'll solicit one suggestion from the audience and use that to inspire a 30-minute long-form (likeContinue Reading

CURTAIN 5 TheatreGROUP - Chop Chop Charlie’s Basement Party!: a Miserable Comedy

A farcical tale of a chubby, insecure, cannibalistic serial killer, his senile mother, a happy squatter, a love-sick fan, and a man desperate to escape "Chop, Chop Charlie's Basement Party!" For Tickets and Showtimes

Tony Imperatrice - I’m a Musician; Do You Want Fries with That?

This hilarious take on life as a professional musician answers all of life's important questions. Are classical musicians snobs? Do guys in rock bands really get laid? And whatever happened to the song he wrote for that one girl? Proceeds benefit Tony's upcoming kidney transplant. For Tickets and Showtimes

Megill & Company - Dances to Heal the Soul

"An all time Rogue favorite, Megill & Co is back at it! This year with a suite of dances to soothe your soul and warm your heart. Corny, I know, but the truth. This one is for you, for us, for the world. If you’ve never seen MeCo, you are missing out. You will laugh,Continue Reading

Quake Theater - Joan of Sn’arc

Claire Patton, creator of A Girl's Guide to War and The Awkward Art of Flying, is back with this hilarious and scathing commentary on the state of American affairs. For Tickets and Showtimes
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