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Saturday May 12th 2012


647(f) … A Drunk In The Night Tank

6:15 PM, Sat., 3/6
8:45 PM, Wed., 3/10
8:45 PM, Sat., 3/13
Latecomers admitted

Veni Vidi Vici - 1116 N Fulton St.

We play traditional Irish songs for pints of Guinness. Though we endeavor to maintain our dignity and our quality, as the night goes on… we make no promises. What’s a few sour notes over a pint of bitter with your friends? — Deric McQueen, Kim Hamilton, Sean McBrearty, Russell Noland

Fresno, California
Genre: Music 45 min. Rated: PG-13
We don’t plan on swearing, but we might.

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17 Responses to “647(f) … A Drunk In The Night Tank”

  1. Janice says:

    I love these guys! They are so good! Their music is lively and sung from the heart. I enjoy the entire show and find myself singing along.

  2. Russell Noland says:

    Thanks Janice. If anybody wishes to receive updates on where and when we perform, etc, send an e-mail to updates@songs4pints.com and include “Subscribe” in the subject line.

  3. Burnt at the Steak says:

    You two are amazing- Fresno and Rogue are blessed to have you!! ROCK IT OUT!

  4. Allison Clark says:

    This show is a lot of fun to see! I didn’t know I liked Irish songs so much until I saw them perform! They have a great sense of humor and put a lot of effort and feeling into each song. There is an even mix between light-hearted and sadder songs. Highly recommended! If you go, my advice would be to get there 15 minutes early and sit near the front.

  5. Rachel Schiller says:

    The show was great! I especially love the Seven Drunken Nights song.

  6. Russell of Songs 4 Pints says:

    I am so proud of this.

    At our show last Saturday, one of our long time fans was there standing by the bar holding his daughter, Elinor Rose Wood, six months old.

    See!!! We’re a family show!!! An Irish family show…

    They even said that we put her to sleep… which sounds bad for us, but I’m proud of it.

    Please come again.

  7. suzannah says:

    I went with my family and we loved it. Songs 4 pints is one of the main reasons we attend rogue. They always have a different show and always involvethe audience. We really enjoyed the addition of the pipe. It really seemed to pull the act together. And I loved the tidbits of Irish history that were thrown in there. Thanks for a great show!

  8. Burnt at the Steak says:

    I can’t wait to see you tomorrow night! I have heard wonderful things- people are talking:)

  9. Terrance says:

    Delightful show! Old favorite songs, lovingly sung and played. My eyes have been opened by “Seven Nights Drunk,” which I had always heard as “Three Nights Drunk”; now, I know what I was missing!
    It’s drinking songs, sung while you’re drinking; can you get more traditional than that? Some of the lyrics get a bit wobbly after several rounds, but the fun never ends! It took me five years to see this show, and now I want to see it again and again!

  10. Rachael Myers says:

    THESE GUYS ARE AWESOME!!! We’ve only got one chance left to sit back, relax, and enjoy an excellent show!!! Where else do you get to sing along, FREE Irish lessons, and to enjoy beer ( not free, but certainly GOOD )…. COME ON OUT!!!!

  11. Burnt at the Steak says:

    You ALL were AMAZING last night! You deserved the packed house! If you haven’t seen them yet - run!!! They have one performance left. THEY ARE AMAZING!!

  12. Russell of Songs 4 Pints says:

    You’re too sweet Carolann (AKA, Burnt At The Steak)… if you all haven’t seen her yet…. she’s awesome!! Hilarious. Hurry out to her show before the festival is over.

  13. Matthew Elliott says:

    Songs4Pints is one of the great traditions of the Rogue Festival. To miss this show is to have an incomplete Rogue experience.

  14. LIsa Stewart Gipson says:

    Rogue was the first time I saw you… and it won’t be my last!!! Made my first Rogue experience a lively one… looking forward to next year!!!

  15. Starla Williams says:

    Songs4Pints was the main reason I went to the Rogue Festival this year which in turn lead me to watch other shows I wouldn’t have normally gone to. Their music is wonderfully enjoyable to listen too. The band obviously enjoys playing and that good vibe really transfers to the audience. There is a lot of humor and also history that I really enjoyed being incorporated into the music. I will definitely be keeping track of this band so I can watch them again soon. :)

  16. Janette Hunter says:

    I’ve seen this show three years in a row. It is truly a Rouge must see tradition. Love you guys.

  17. LIsa Stewart Gipson says:

    First time to see you guys (and gal)… first time at Rogue… both were well worth it!!! Cannot wait to see you again soon… looking forward to next year’s Rogue!!!

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