Celebrating Independent Performance and Art March 4 - March 13, 2010
Friday June 1st 2012


Graceland/Asleep On The Wind

10:00 PM, Fri., 3/5
7:00 PM, Sat., 3/6
7:00 PM, Wed., 3/10
1:00 PM, Sat., 3/13

Million Too - 1153 N Fulton St.

Two one acts. Graceland is about two devout Elvis fans waiting to be the first to get into Graceland. Rivalry turns into comaraderie as the two women reveal the joys and sorrows of their lives. Asleep On The Wind is a sweet story about a young girl and her older brother who is about to go off to war. He leaves her with many things, the love of Elvis being one of them.

MittenKitten Productions
Fresno, California
Genre: Dramedy
Rating: PG-13 adult language 60 minutes
Latecomers permitted within 15 Minutes

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2 Responses to “Graceland/Asleep On The Wind”

  1. Barbara U says:

    Two very poignant plays, not so much featuring Elvis’s music as keeping the memory of him in the background. Strong performances, very much worth seeing.

  2. Mitten says:

    Thank you, Barbara.

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