Updated 3/6/16


Gemma Wilcox Gone Rogue! 3/5 8:30pm and 3/6 5:30pm

Randy Rutherford Tales of a Deaf Folksinger All Shows

Sentimental Journey 8 to the bar in Boogie Rhythm 3/12 8:00pm

Pearl Louise What’s so Pink about Breast Cancer All Shows

Kathleen Denny Nice is Not What We Do All Shows


Robert Hoffman - Sinatra, Sax and Strings at Dianna’s Studio of Dance
Shpectacular Shtrangely & Shay Ship Show one show only at Spectrum Art Gallery 3/12 at 5:30pm
Windy Wynazz is… RICH & FAMOUS one show only at Fresno Soap Co 3/10 at 6:30pm
Infinite Expectation of the Dawn at Fresno Soap Co 3/12 at 6:30pm