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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Using the Web for Arts Marketing - part deux

The Impact Of Visuals!
The visual element is an important factor in attracting the potential audience member.

Web Design
This extends to the "look" of your site or blog. I have seen many an arts website that just comes of as "corporate". Is this the image you really want to project about what you do? I, myself prefer sites that are visually interesting and if nothing else... fun. Afterall, we are in the business of entertainment.

Here are a few examples that I think are effective (and these are Rogue 2007 participants):
  • Tanjora
  • Mia Pascal
  • Jesus in Montana
Poster Design
A good poster design can do wonders... and should be included on your site. This is part of "branding" your show... providing a visual link and hopefully interest. A few have been posted on this post. By The Way... if you click on them... it will take you to their sites!

TIP: Resolution
For Printed Media (posters, flyers, etc) at least 300 DPI
For Web Visuals (website, blog) about 72 DPI is good for quick loading in any browser.

Slide Shows
OK, not many people are going to do promotional videos for their shows. (Though, with a little effort... it's really an affordable to do these days... more on that later.)

But a slide show is easier to handle. There are several sites that allow you to upload pictures and create one. Once you do... just copy the code and paste it onto your website or blog. Reading about what you do is great and all... but remember... it's the visuals that grab your audience.

Below is a list of slideshow sites that you may consider using.

Here are a few examples from Rogue 2007 participants:
  • Ashtree Studios
  • Theatre Ventoux

Then There Is Video
Sure, it takes a little time. And yes, editing can be a bitch. But it has become very affordable! Really, a camcorder and a basic editing program (that now comes standard with most operating systems these days) will provide you with the in-home possibilities to create an exciting visual

There is no medium that is more stunning than video. Once again, there are sites out there that will host your video... and once uploaded... just embed the code onto your site or blog. Presto! You now have a cool and interesting visual to sell your show to the world!

Below is a list of video hosting sites that you may consider using.

Here are some examples (once again from Rogue 2007 participants)

Example 1
Example 2

In fact, if you create a slideshow or a video for your Rogue Show... email the embedded code to graphics@roguefestival.com and will will feature it on a posting here on the updates page along with a link to it on your profile when the full 2007 Festival site is up. First come first serve.
Please include in your email:
1. Company:
2. Show Title:
3. Showtimes, Dates & Location

More on Arts Marketing on the Web - Coming Soon!

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Solitaire said...

What a wonderful resource!!! You've been a very busy little bee!

It looks awesome!

January 17, 2007 4:45 PM  

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