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Monday, January 15, 2007

Using the Web for Arts Marketing - part one

If you are in the Arts you really need to quit your fear of using the Internet. For the first time in history there is a medium that puts everyone on a level playing field. (Really, for centuries people in the Arts were on the cutting edge of the new... except over the last 20 years.) Begin with your participation in the Rogue and start building an audience for now and for the future.
  • Here is an article about it... plus some affordable plans ( starting under $5.60 a month!)
  • This Post gives you some start-up tips.
On a budget but wanting to have a web presence anyway?
Get a BLOG! They are easy to use... and best of all... they are FREE! Here are some of the better blog services out there. You can post articles, pictures and even videos.
  • Blogger
  • Wordpress
  • LiveJournal
  • TypePad

Why A Blog And How Can I Use It?
Let's tackle the first question. Because it is easy to use! It also makes your presence interactive as it allows visitors (and potential audience members) to comment. Regular folk like to feel special... and interaction provides that.

Here are a few Arts based blogs and how they are used (incidentally, these are current Rogue participants):

  • It can be used to post promotional videos.
  • It can be used it as an "insider's look"
  • It can be used to simply announce what is happening.
  • It can used to be provocative.

Provide A Sample Of Your Work!
This provides intrigue to your upcoming show. Musicians especially can use this to great effect. Many have MySpace pages. You can easily give your potential audience a taste of your stuff. (BTW... every performer should have a MySpace Page... it's a wonderful tool for networking through their "friend" function.)

Here are some examples (and once again they are all current Rogue participants):
  • Julia Dawn
  • Vince Thomas
  • Trike Shop
  • Poplord
  • Scats On The Sly
But it's not limited to Musicians. Here are some other Rogue participants with MySpace pages.
  • Entandem Productions
  • Ananka
  • Terrance
  • Even the Rogue has one (BTW... come over and "friend" us if you have a MySpace.)
Next Topic... Visuals! Coming soon!

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