Quick reminder of how to sell tickets

Rogue Festival exists because of the generous work of our volunteers. Everyone in the organization gives their time freely to support art, artists and audiences.

In return Rogue Festival volunteers become a part of one of the most unique, open-minded, and authentic communities in Fresno. They also earn free tickets to Rogue Shows!

If you’re interested in volunteering, contact our Volunteer Coordinator Jenn Davis at jenn@roguefestival.com and let her know you’re interested and how you believe you can help!

Alright… here’s all the “legal” stuff:

  • Volunteers must be 18 years of age, or older.
  • Volunteers will be expected to attend at LEAST one training day in February 2016 (two or more will be offered at different times).
  • Volunteers may handle anything and everything from taking tickets to running snacks to one of our many Rogue Venues.
  • Volunteers will receive:
    • A Rogue Ducat (good for any Rogue Festival Show) for each 3-hour shift.
    • Another Rogue Ducat for each additional 3-hour shift.
    • The Rogue Festival’s undying love.